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Lumi and the Keiju 

Middle Grade Fantasy - Querying

10th-century Finland. When a shape-shifting lake monster kidnaps her best friend, twelve-year-old Lumi braves the darker side of the forest to find her, getting the unsolicited help of magical (and slightly snarky) woodland beings.

Light of the Firefox

YA Fantasy - In Revisions

A girl who’s slowly turning into a monster and a delinquent royal with a curse of his own must set aside their differences—and a centuries-old feud—to save their country from an usurper who aims to perpetuate it.





Short Film Screenplay

A widow in colonial New England consults a purported witch for help with her mysterious ailment—at an unexpected cost.


Feature Screenplay - Drafting

A community of Viking settlers has remained trapped, and isolated, on a remote Nordic island for nearly a century by a demonic presence. When a mysterious, amnesiac young woman washes ashore, the settlers are forced to question the reality of their cursed existence—and who among them knows the truth behind it.

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